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    Why Choose Vinyl Flooring?

    Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), the fastest growing category in flooring, is possibly the most eco-friendly flooring in the world. It can be endlessly recycled. It has no heavy metals, no solvent based inks, no formaldehydes, and no PCP and components considered carcinogenic in it at all. It’s fire resistant and doesn’t release toxic gases. And importantly, it looks good.

    Why Choose Laminate Flooring?

    You want a real wood floor, but you have an extremely tight budget. Well, you’re in luck! Laminate flooring manufacturing now produces a product that looks and feels just like real timber flooring and is perfect for heavy traffic areas, kids and pets. It’s hardwearing and easy to maintain. And it’s much cheaper than timber flooring.

    Why Choose Timber Flooring?

    There’s nothing quite like the look and feel of real timber flooring. It’s the warmth and glow of the wood, as well as the feel of luxury that the wood brings which gives a home a sense of completion. Wood is tough and if cared for correctly will last for many generations. It will outlast any changes in interior design whether they see a return to Victorian atmosphere, the rustic style or the most modern day trends. Wood comes in so many colours, tones and hues, from the darkest to the almost white and every colour of coffee and gold in between, providing a visual feast for any room.

    Why Choose Carpet Flooring?

    When your home is carpeted it feels like your whole world is a place of bare-foot comfort. It’s perfect for any room, except wet ones, where you want a warm, relaxing, comforting environment; bedrooms, family rooms and children’s rooms. Apart from keeping your feet warm on cold winter mornings, carpeting also insulates the room, keeping the warmth inside. You’re unlikely to slip on a carpet. But if you do have a fall, the carpet acts like a cushion keeping injuries to a minimum, which is great if you have kids who can now use the whole floor as a play area. Carpets are also quieter than any other type of flooring, absorbing the impact of foot traffic, soaking up room sounds like a sponge and blocking sound between floors, which is perfect for apartment dwelling.